Georg is an Austrian retiree whose mother witnessed the crash of an Allied B-17 near their home during World War II.

When he takes up metal detecting to find the wreckage, a growing fascination leads him to embark on a heartfelt mission, not only to research the backgrounds of the American crewmembers who parachuted off the plane into enemy territory, but to locate their descendants, to bring them to his Austrian town on the 75th anniversary of the crash, to introduce them to the townspeople who helped their fathers, and to unite his town in remembrance.

It’s a story of empathy, resilience, and the enduring power of human connection.

“​​I understand now why my dad was antisocial. I think he just didn’t really know how to overcome what happened to him. Now that I know that I have a lot more appreciation for my dad and what he did.”


— Kathy Helmer