I’m directing two short films by Rolin Jones.

Chronicles Simpkins Fundraising Video from Brendan Hughes on Vimeo.

Starting in November, I’ll be directing two short films by Rolin Jones. Adam O’Byrne is producing. After only six years in Los Angeles I’m finally getting this bird off the ground. The video above depicts the intertwining biographies of Adam, Rolin and myself. We’ve started an Indiegogo campaign and I would be over the moon if you’d consider a little contribution.

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  • The Pizzicato Effect

    In classical music, Pizzicato is the plucking of a muted string on a violin. The effect (in my opinion) is the indication of the note for your heart to play.

    This can also be achieved in directing. We do not go to the theater to admire an actor have an emotion. We go to have the emotion for ourselves.

    The Pizzicato Effect is theatre and film in their highest forms. This is what I'm after.

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