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Unpaid Interns – Official Trailer

Here’s the poster for Unpaid Interns

Unpaid Interns

Pace University gave me a weekend in February to make a short film with these six ridiculously talented BFA acting seniors, who are about to graduate and absolutely slay the industry. I abused the privilege as an exorcising of my 2017 political angst. The result is this dark comedy about what millennials are actually like […]

Truth’s Appetizer

Prior to 46 BC, no one in Rome knew what day it was. The calendar was tightly controlled by the priest class. They based it on cycles of the moon, and some years would have fifteen months, others would have eleven. Sometimes different priests would tell you it was a different day depending on how it […]

Great F#&k-its in History

The massacre and death that so marked World War Two Left Americans racked with bad shell shock and sorrow. But progress in the sciences and especially in flight Led all of them to believe in a much brighter tomorrow. The problem was that airplanes just could not break Mach One, Or the invisible barrier known […]

Misha Collins, you are the greatest

This is a brilliant comedy album about nerdy things. The guy introducing the album (me) has a very, very sexy voice: — Misha Collins (@mishacollins) October 29, 2014

What. a. night.

The CD release party was fantastic. Jeffrey Dinsmore killed with the songs he wrote about my material. How did I get so lucky? My thanks also to Greg Felden on lead guitar, Bill Watterson on Bass, Kurt Bloom on drums, ArtShare LA for the incredible space, my mom, my sister and my wife for their […]

They’re here! They’re here!

The CDs finally came. Thanks Sergio from UPS! The album drops on October 14th. Buy it on iTunes or Amazon. CD release party at ArtShare in downtown Los Angeles on October 10. More details to follow!

How to Shave Your Adam’s Apple

The TV show Right This Minute featured my video about shaving your Adam’s Apple! And here’s the original video…

But what should we direct?

The frozen tundra of 21st-century artistic possibilities stretches before us. Madness lies in every direction. We know directing is the only option for an intrepid, citizen-philosopher, bon vivant like ourselves (or so we like to think)… but directing what? To whom must we communicate? What message? Over what production elements are we compelled to bear influence? Can […]