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How to Drink Dolphin Blood from the Skull of Irony

The Grapevine and the Wedding Ring

Two friends of mine were driving on the Grapevine, which is a braided ribbon of highway climbing over the hills one hour north of Los Angeles. They were high school sweethearts, they had just gotten engaged, and they were in the middle of a knock-down-drag-out fight over something neither of them can now remember. At […]

Let’s Murder the Moonlight

On the morning of October 15, 1908, Italian poet Filippo Tomasso Marinetti was speeding down Via Dormodossola in Milan. Rounding a sharp corner, two cyclists on penny-farthings blocked his way and he had no option but to veer into a ditch. His Runabout flipped twice and he was briefly knocked unconscious. When he awoke and was […]


On our honeymoon in Oaxaca, Emily and I rode the bus with an Australian pharmacist. She told us of a shellshocked young couple that came to her shop early one Saturday asking for a morning after pill. The dosage required two different pills to be taken at the same time. “Take both of these right now,” she told them. […]