Dad Jeans 17

This week we’re talking about Tune-Yards in Copenhagen! The Founding Fathers quasi-egalitarian slow-globe! Our first sponsor break! Listener mail! Being low men on the playground totem pole! The Holderness Family! Brendan’s travels through Copenhagen! Drag shows! Serial (again)! The 90’s band that is like the Mountain from Game of Thrones! With help from The Dude’s Kölschtal Eddy Blonde Ale!

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

So I have a podcast called “Dad Jeans”

I have a podcast I co-host with the impossibly funny and talented Jeffrey Dinsmore. We’ve been going strong since July, and our most recent episode (#16) is my favorite so far. You don’t have to listen in order. You can just start with #16, or wherever you like. And if you’re so inclined to subscribe, you would make me a very happy man.
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Misha Collins, you are the greatest

My album is available now!

The debut comedy album from Brendan Hughes

The debut comedy album from Brendan Hughes

What. a. night.

The CD release party was fantastic. Jeffrey Dinsmore killed with the songs he wrote about my material. How did I get so lucky? My thanks also to Greg Felden on lead guitar, Bill Watterson on Bass, Kurt Bloom on drums, ArtShare LA for the incredible space, my mom, my sister and my wife for their support and chair shoving, Kate Hamilton for being my PA for the day, Sarah Cole for not only composing all of our harmonies, but also manning the door, and finally that huge crowd that gave up a Friday night for my brand of nonsense. There are more shows coming in the new year. So buckle your mind belts, my friends.

Brendan & Jeffrey

They’re here! They’re here!

The CDs finally came. Thanks Sergio from UPS! The album drops on October 14th. Buy it on iTunes or Amazon. CD release party at ArtShare in downtown Los Angeles on October 10. More details to follow!