My album comes out tomorrow!!!

The debut comedy album from Brendan Hughes

The debut comedy album from Brendan Hughes

They’re here! They’re here!

The CDs finally came. Thanks Sergio from UPS! The album drops on October 14th. Buy it on iTunes or Amazon. CD release party at ArtShare in downtown Los Angeles on October 10. More details to follow!

Save the Date…


How to Shave Your Adam’s Apple

See the original Youtube video here.

Chronicles Simpkins, my short film, will finally screen in Los Angeles on June 19!


At the Grauman’s Chinese no less. Click here for tickets.

The World Premiere of Emily’s Movie

My wife Emily Topper, along with co-director Mary Posatko, has been making a documentary about the murder of her grandfather since a year before our first date. Now, after six years, it is finished and having its world premiere at the Maryland Film Festival on May 9.

I had the honor of designing the poster, which features a picture of her grandparents and their thirteen children, including my mother-in-law Helen, who is second from right in the top row.

Baltimore in Black and White

But what should we direct?

The frozen tundra of 21st-century artistic possibilities stretches before us. Madness lies in every direction. We know directing is the only option for an intrepid, citizen-philosopher, bon vivant like ourselves (or so we like to think)… but directing what?

To whom must we communicate? What message? Over what production elements are we compelled to bear influence? Can we ever start a family? Hopefully this handy chart will help.

Click to enlarge. Download the PDF here.

What Should We Direct?

  • My latest lecture, on “Time.”

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  • The Pizzicato Effect

    In classical music, Pizzicato is the plucking of a muted string on a violin. The effect (in my opinion) is the indication of the note for your heart to play.

    This can also be achieved in directing. We do not go to the theater to admire an actor have an emotion. We go to have the emotion for ourselves.

    The Pizzicato Effect is theatre and film in their highest forms. This is what I'm after.

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